With XANGO a very new kind of mangosteen beverage is created - a fruit juice made from the whole mangosteenfruit. XANGO Juice is a unique product with a natural, universal look. The company XANGO is the very first that uses the whole mangosteenfruit and brings it to the market. XANGO has created a new category of nutritious beverage , there is simply no other comparable product. XANGO is the market leader! While science has examined the benefits of the mangosteenfruit for decades, nobody has thought of this incredible value to be used in a strong and easy to take food beverage. Until now!

XANGO is a unique product

It is the only, unequalled, mangosteen product that uses and may use the complete mangosteen fruit. Therefore XANGO exploits the incredible nutrient powers from the whole mangosteenfruit and brings Choose for XANGO today! it on the market in the form of an indescribable delicious juice, mixed with several pure concentrates from other fruits. In addition to the fact that XANGO Juice is extremely delightful, it is packaged in a wonderful bottle of 750ml! Over the centuries, a large number of mangosteentrees have been planted and there is an abundance of fully mature mangosteentrees, ready for global distribution. XANGO will never have a problem to meet the demand of the mangosteen-based product.

XANGO has an unequalled taste

It is difficult to describe the exact taste. Some people detect strawberries; others experience kiwis, grenade apples or grapes. The complex taste of this sweet - dry juice is appreciation anyhow from everyone who has tried it. There Choose for XANGO today!is never been a product like XANGO, it is extraordinarily delicious! We are all acquainted with tonics and drinks made of natural plants and herbs. Many have sincerely beneficial properties, but the taste of it is mostly disappointing. You don't experience that with XANGO Juice. The natural sweet taste of the mangosteen is a taste sensation which you must experience. XANGO contains no flavorings, colorings, gluten or added sugars. The mangosteen is also one of the few fruits that do not need any pesticides to resist the insects that ravage the orchards. Would you like to try and experience XANGO for yourself? Find out how you can order XANGO?

Benefits of XANGO

XANGO Juice contains all the healthy food substances that the mangosteen has by its very nature. One of the natural food substances which appear in abundance in the mangosteen is the xanthone! Xanthones are powerful compounds and can help protect the body against free radical damage. Together with other bioactive compounds out of the mangosteen fruit, XANGO's promote your general health. Thousands of people around the world feel better every day because they drink a fruit juice made of the mangosteen.

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Choose XANGO today

The unique properties, you need to personally experience them to value them. Take sip during or after a meal to experience the beneficial effects of the mangosteenfruit. People who wants to drink more than a zip, go ahead this mangosteenjuice it is complete natural! Because XANGO is a natural fruit juice and not chemically modified; there is no risk.

30 to 60ml in the morning is all you need
to start your day full of energy and feel young again.

XANGO Single

A XANGO Single is XANGO Juice in a design packaging of 30 ml. You can easily fit this convenient, small “bottle” in your purse, backpack or pocket and drink it whenever you feel like or need it. These XANGO Singles are so very easy to take with you! You can even put a small amount in your hand luggage before you get on to the plain. Going on a holiday? Take XANGO Singles with you! Send a single to a friend, or put one in your child's lunch pack to school. Take a box of singles to work and put it on your desktop! You will always have them in reach and your colleagues will want to know what it is! One box contains three packs of 30 singles each.

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Mangosteen the power fruit!

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XANGO Juice XANGO for the inside!
XANGO is unique!

We harvest the whole mangosteen fruit and put its incredible power into an indescribable delicious beverage. Some people detect strawberries; others experience kiwis, grenade apples or grapes but they all take an instant liking to the drink by just tasting it.


Origin The Origin of XANGO
Joe's discovery

While eating at a local cafe in Southeast Asia, a fruit was brought out to him for dessert. He discovered that it was the mangosteen fruit. At the same time he discovered the broad history behind the fruit that was the start of a new company. Read about the origin of XANGO!

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