The Mission of XANGO

The Mission of XANGO

Before XANGO was established officially, Joe Morton and his founding members, decided that a significant portion of the sales income, would be donated to charity. From the beginning a part of the profits from the sale of the XANGO Juice was, and still is today, given to charity. This way, XANGO and its distributors work together to improve the living conditions of the disadvantaged all over the world!

XANGO Goodness Foundation

The “XANGO Goodness Foundation” strives to promote social awareness and to make resources available to communities in need of assistance in order to support their living conditions and to improve them. XANGO XANGO Goodness Foundation Goodness is doing more than just “simply” writing checks - we improve lives. XANGO Goodness does that by supporting various charities around the world. This commitment of XANGO is not only money donations, but also practical improvement of the living environment and the support of local authorities. Supported voluntary programs, and is an active part in medical missions, training and humanitarian aid. XANGO Goodness has also partnerships with charities to achieve global initiatives. Many of these partners are internationally oriented, while others are more focused on local missions. This valued partners from four continents, from Asia to South America, participate in the Mission of XANGO Goodness.

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Humanitarian assistance for children

With the help of hundreds of thousands of XANGO distributors, XANGO Goodness has, on a variety of humanitarian areas, helped children throughout the world to improve their environment, health and safety. Watch the video in order to get a better idea where XANGO Goodness stands for and what we have already achieved. Regardless of the cause or the passion for children in need, XANGO Goodness can only grow by the helping hands that drive this movement. We invite you to take part in the XANGO Goodness movement, just as the sort of interface the hundreds of thousands take, who are already committed to many children in need, regardless of origin or color. Visit now to learn what you can even do more and take part of the XANGO Goodness movement, in order to make a difference for the entire world.

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