The origin of XANGO

The origin of XANGO

Joe Morton, one of the company founders, grew up in a family involved in network marketing and health products. He helped his parents run a dietary supplement business from their home and watched all types of products brought to market: water purifiers, vitamins C & E, aloe vera, etc. Growing up in this type of environment, Joe was prepared to try all sorts of herbs, medicinal plants, botanicals and phytoceuticals. He was always on the lookout for new and beneficial health discoveries.

Joe's discovery

Joe Morton's discovery While eating at a local cafe in Southeast Asia, a fruit was brought out to him for dessert. The taste was exquisite... sweet and slightly tart. Through inquiries, first at the cafe and later at the local markets, he discovered that this most delicious fruit was called, "Mangosteen" or as the natives called it, "Queen of Fruits." Joe went searching for knowledge from local people about the uses of this fruit. The delicious center was revered for its taste, but the rind of the fruit was ground up, used in teas, and made into a poultice for different purposes. At the same time Joe discovered the broad history behind the fruit.

"When something tastes bitter, it makes your hart jump!"

We have learned by our experiences when something is good for you... it has to taste bad! Right? This is not the case with the Mangosteen.Mangosteen beneficial power! All these exciting beneficial properties and yet the fruit is delicious! Even Queen Victoria declared the Mangosteen her favorite fruit during one of her visits. Joe was very excited at his discovery and immediately called some of his family and close colleagues. He asked them to find out anything they could on the Mangosteen. When they began to search they found out that there was a wealth of information about the mangosteen. In fact, their printouts stacked up to over a forty-five centimeters! Decades of research on the mangosteen paid off: all the benefits of the fruit were combined in a drink.

"Joe's Story"     (09:23 Min.)

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How could it be that this wonderful tasting fruit, with hundreds of years of folklore and piles of scientific information, was still so unknown to most of the world? How come there wasn't already a myriad of mangosteen products on the market?

Mangosteen the power fruit!

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The Founders XANGO Managementteam a superteam!
A super team!

When Joe Morton discovered the mangosteenfruit, he almost im- mediately knew that this was the opportunity of his life. He was raised knowing supplements, herbs and vitamins, because his parents sold supplements from home when he was small. He called his brothers David and Gordon and asked them whether they agreed to take a look at the results, and whether they wanted to work with him and start a company! The beginning of the company XANGO and meanwhile they are the legendary founders!

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