From Mangosteen Fruit to XANGO

From Mangosteen Fruit to XANGO ® juice

The mangosteen is the most appreciated tropical fruit. The taste is known as sweet and delicious. Nobody knows where the fruit initially came from but scientists believe that the fruit found its origin in Thailand or Burma.

“Mile stones”

Queen Victoria There is al lot to tell about the history from this esteemed, tropical fruit. Among other things, Queen Victoria from England promised in 1840 that the man who brought her the wonderful mangosteen- fruit, would become a Knight. This resulted in it' s nickname: “Queen of Fruits”. After many “Mile stones” we are now at the end of the story and, finally, the launch of XANGO juice.

Mangosteen 1735 The French priest Laurentius Garcin discovered as firstly the mangosteen fruit.

Mangosteen 1800 The mangosteen tree has been planted in Ceylon.

Mangosteen 1840 After queen Victoria of the United Kingdom has tasted the fruit, she preferred the mangosteen above other fruit.

Mangosteen 1854 Queensland tries to grow the mangosteen.

Mangosteen 1855 United Kingdom starts with growing the plant in greenhouses.

Mangosteen 1850 - 1860 During this time the tree is introduced in Trinidad.

Mangosteen 1881 The mangosteen tree is planted in India.

Mangosteen 1903 The tree becomes planted in Puerto Rico and in the Panama canal area.

Mangosteen 1906 The department of agriculture in America receives seeds of the tree.

Mangosteen 1924 The mangosteen is found in the wild in Ecuador by Dr. Wilson Popenoe.

Mangosteen 1939 The 'Canal area Experimenting Gardens' distributes 15000 seeds to a lot of areas of tropical America. But probably some seeds survived.

Mangosteen 1949 Dierberger Agricola Ltda., of Sao Paulo incorporate the mangosteen in their catalogue.

Mangosteen 1965 In this year there is 9700 acres (±39.226 km²) of mangosteen orchards in Thailand.

Mangosteen 2002 September: An experienced team starts XANGO. Juice is produced of mangosteen fruit and called XANGO.

Mangosteen 2002 October: The XANGO bottles are being distributed.

Mangosteen 2002 November: XANGO LLC and the product XANGO is officially created.

Mangosteen 2006 XANGO officially opens the Swedish and German market.

Mangosteen 2007 XANGO officially opens the Dutch and Belgian market.
Mangosteen the power fruit!

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Research Mangosteen Research

Modern studies

In the course of the last few decades, the mangosteen has triggered the curiosity of researchers around the world. Partly because of the positive messages about the fruit in the traditional cultures of South-East Asia. The science-press now start to value the potential benefits and to unravel them more and more.

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