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The rewardingsystem for distributors

The rewardingsystem for distributors

The compensation plan of XANGO provides a clear and simple way to achieve what you have in mind. 50% of the turnover of each XANGO-product that is sold, goes to the payment of commissions. No tricks or complex calculations. No hidden changes to your merits (compensation for breakage), but we are offering you opportunities and interesting products. There are four ways to make money by means of the XANGO rewards package. Each is individually designed to your work in various areas.

1) Direct retail

You can sell a single bottle direct through XANGO You can sell a single bottle direct through XANGO for a small commission, or you can simply sell a new customer a bottle that you have already bought. For example: you pay just $25/bottle as a distributor, you can resell a bottle for $35 and make a small profit. Retail sales are a way to get paid for people trying out the XANGO® Juice.

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2) Weekly Powerstart

Weekly Power Start – paid weekly initial orders with volume.

The weekly power start is paid on a new distributor's initial order (within the first 30 days). You qualify for 20-30% of a new personal enrollee's first order. For example, if you are on a $100 autoship order (1-case) and you enroll a person who joins and buys $100 (also 1 case )... you will get: 30% of $100 = $30 This bonus is paid weekly, every Friday, based on previous weeks new orders. This is the fuel for your business, as you can start having positive cashflow from your business in the very first few weeks.

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3) Monthly Unilevel

Monthly Unilevel – paid monthly with streamline compression.
The monthly unilevel is for your long-term residual income. A customers first order is paid out on the powerstart plan (see #2 above). Every order subsequently is then paid out based on the unilevel. For example, your personal enrollee orders a second case ($100) after they have finished the first case. You made $30 on the first order, now you qualify to make 5%, or $5 on this second order. You will see that just being on the $100 Autoship (Preferred Rep) qualifies you for commissions on 3 levels. 5% on levels 1&2, and 10% on level 3.

What are levels? Let's say you enroll Deb. Deb will be put on your first level (ie. directly under you). If Deb shares XANGO with Dennis, and enrolls Dennis... he would now be on your second level (and Deb's first level). And so on.

Note: You are allowed to enroll someone and place them underneath somebody else in your organization. The differentiation is termed SPONSOR for the enroller, and PLACEMENT as to who the new customer is placed under.

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4) Quarterly Global pool

Quarterly Global Pool – 3% from each order worldwide on a pro-rata share.
Once you reach Premier and higher, you will participate in a Global Bonus Pool (see the last two columns) which is paid out quarterly. This is a reward for top performers for their hard work and dedication. From each order worldwide, 3% is placed into this Global Pool and then shared every quarter based on a pro-rata share.

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XANGO's compensatieplan

Download this compensatieplan van XANGO (PDF-format), print it out and read it when you wants.

There are so many great things about this compensation plan! It rewards you in multiple ways, with easy qualifications. Just look at all these important facts to your success:

  • A delicious highly-consumable product.
  • Powerful, proven opportunity - fastest growing MLM company in history.
  • Superb executive management team taking us where they HAVE BEEN BEFORE and BEYOND.
  • Lucrative and highly rewarding compensation plan!

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