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7 benefits of XANGO's compensation plan

At first glance, the XANGO compensation plan appears simple. IT IS! This pay plan can be explained in fifteen minutes and is quickly understood even to newcomers to network marketing. At first glance, the XANGO Compensation Plan may also appear to some people as simplistic and unexciting. IT'S NOT! Delving into the components of this plan, one finds undeniable and substantial reasons to find this plan to be genuinely exciting, most lucrative, completely equitable and refreshingly honest.


Although it takes a few minutes to explain, those of us who've worked other plans probably know just how complex a plan can be. But pay plans that leave people with their head spinning is an obstacle. The more people understand, the more confidence they have that the plan can work for them.

XANGO's pay plan is wonderfully and refreshingly very un-complex. Combined with the other easy-to-understand components of our story, this fuels duplication and ignites the growth of our organizations!

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A well built unilevel allows everyone to be successful. I call it "the pay plan of the people" because part-timers can still potentially get a substantial pay check. Because our product is consumable, income is truly residual.

Here are some outstanding aspects of XANGO's unilevel:

You can literally have all your volume in ONE LEG! Compare that to other unilevels wherein you can not be paid on the vast majority of your sales volume because you are not "balanced" between multiple legs.

Naturally, you will want to personally sponsor more, but you only need three who duplicate...and if they end up in the same leg, you can still have a great check! (Although this is true, we are still recommending that one attempt to have three distinct legs, as this tends to keep the volume higher up in your pay stream which, in turn, as your organization builds deeper, tends to keep your paycheck higher.)


We have a saying that "team work makes the dream work." The only way a distributor reaches the top position of premier (or any other title along the way) is by helping their personally sponsored distributors. This fact encourages "stacking" distributors - placing people under people and working closely with one's organization. Contrast this dynamic with other pay plans that mostly reward more and more personal recruiting without helping those already onboard.

In the beginning, simply order at least one case of XANGO per month and you receive your monthly check. At no achievement level are you required to order more than two per month. That's it. No high pressured sales requirements to recruit half the world every month to be paid either.

As you progress in your achievement titles, you get paid up to nine compressed levels in your organization.

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In simple English, what this means is that when you spend one hundred dollars, you are credited one hundred dollars for your personal volume. When someone in your organization spends one hundred dollars, a full one hundred dollars is added to your group volume (GV).

Sounds logical, right? Yet, most network marketing company pay plans usually convert every wholesale dollar spent into a fraction, variously called CV (Commissionable Volume), BV (Bonus or Business Volume), "points" etc. For example: You purchase a product costing you $100 wholesale. The actual credit you end up receiving may only be $50 or $60 in CV, BV, Points etc...and your commission percentage is applied on THIS REDUCED FIGURE.

Sound confusing? It is!

The very fact that XANGO doesn't play around with numbers like this creates three distinct benefits:

.: First, it KEEPS THINGS CLEAR AND SIMPLE - both for distributors AND PROSPECTS!

.: Second, it TRANSLATES INTO A GREATER PAYOUT THAN THE ORIGINAL PERCENTAGES SUGGEST. Compare these two examples: Example one involves a pay plan that pays 5% on the first level, but has a 50% reduced CV. A person on your first level purchases $100. You get paid on $50. 5% of $50 is $2.50, which is what you receive in your check. Example two involves a pay plan that again pays 5% on the first level, but has no reduced CV. That's the XANGO plan. A person on your first level purchases $100. Since you get paid 5% on the full $100, your commission is $5.00 - TWICE AS MUCH.

.: THE THIRD ADVANTAGE IS THAT IT MEANS THAT IT CAN BE UP TO TWICE AS EASY to qualify for your pay titles based on the same group volume when compared to other plans.

Compounded with Dynamic Compression, we can begin to see the exciting ways that XANGO's unilevel plan can be actually quite lucrative.

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Dynamic Compression is one of the most dynamic and exciting features of the XANGO pay plan.

This feature alone can potentially increase your check by 10%, 20%, even 50% or more in some cases every month.

Here's how we explain Dynamic takes more than a few words, but it's worth the effort...

Most networkers know how regular compression works.

An example of normal compression might go something like this: you have a leg with a person on every level down to the tenth. Say, for purposes of this illustration that you hold the achievement title of Premier and are paid through the ninth level. At the close of the month, the computer reads the orders for the month and notices that the person on your third level didn't order, but everyone else did. Therefore, the fourth level person will move up to the third position, the fifth level person will move up to the fourth level position, etc. The net result is that, not only are there no gaps but your tenth level person actually moves up into your pay least for this particular month.

That's normal compression.

XANGO has normal compression, as do many other companies.

But XANGO has something that's almost unheard of in our industry: Dynamic Compression.

Dynamic Compression goes something like this:

Say you are a Premier and you are entitled to being paid on nine levels. For purposes of illustration, say you have a front line distributor who has people on all of his or her nine levels, but has only qualified themselves to earn on, say, five levels. Normally, in most every other company, your front line distributor would collect a check on what they are qualified for. The volume they could potentially be paid on (but are not - at least at the time of the commission run) which is, in our example, the volume under their fifth level...would NOT be paid on. It would "break" or be "flushed" back to the company, keeping the company profits higher. There's nothing wrong or unethical about's just how it works.

In Dynamic Compression, there is NO BREAKAGE TO THE COMPANY. Instead, this unpaid commission is actually paid out. The computer continues to search upline for each qualified position to be paid out greatly increasing the depth that you can be paid to.

Here's an example:
We know the payout amounts are as follows:

(with 3% going to the Global Bonus Pool makes it 50%)

Now, when the computer systems go to figure out how to pay those commissions... it actually looks at the plan from the bottom up. Start at the bottom with the $100, and work your way back UP the list.
In this example, you can see that the computer continues to search UP from the purchase until it finds a qualified distributor for each level of paid commissions.

The PREMIER at top gets $2 on someone on his 16th level. The second PREMIER is getting $5 for someone on his 14th level. Even the 20K is getting paid on his 13th level (when the unilevel just says 7 levels). Do you see the power of dynamic compression! As you qualify for the levels 1K, 5K, 20K and premier... you increase how many levels you get paid on AND how likely you are to get rollup commissions.

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Because of Dynamic Compression, "breakage" that usually goes back to the company in other pay plans gets paid to qualified distributors in the XANGO pay plan.

Therefore, the company-wide payout percentage to XANGO distributors is always the same.

In XANGO's case, the payout to distributors is 50 cents on the dollar. "Half to the company, half to the distributors."

This creates stability and completely eliminates the need for the company to change the plan later due to breakage or profitability problems.

How important is this?

Those distributors who've been in this industry for a while know about the problem of pay plan changes all too well. A company will have a pay plan that can have a potential payout of 60 or 65% or maybe more. But the fact is, the way the downline organizations are built, a good deal of potential commissions are never paid... at least for a while. Since they are NOT using Dynamic Compression, the unpaid moneys "break back" or are "flushed back" to the company.

The computer models the company will run for the pay plan depend on this. So, although a plan might POTENTIALLY pay out 65%, it may ACTUALLY only pay out, say, 42% on a company wide basis.

The problem arises as downline organizations mature and more and more distributors qualify for more and more of the commissions. Eventually, the company might find itself paying out 58% or 60% and realizes that it just can't afford - or simply is not willing - to do so.

Enter pay plan "revisions," "upgrades," or (my favorite euphemism) "enhancements." Suddenly - sometimes overnight - distributors find themselves required to jump through new hoops and hurdles just to maintain their present checks. The net result is that many distributors do not qualify and their check goes down. (And company profits go up again...which was the goal.) The other unfortunate and sometimes tragic consequence is that distributor upset interferes with normal business, momentum is lost, and some, if not many, distributors quit. Some companies and certainly many hard working dedicated distributors never regain their momentum after these types of pay plan changes.


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This may seem self evident, but it is fundamental. A 90% payout on a product no one wants or will buy is not as good as a one percent payout that everyone on the planet wants and will buy. An extreme illustration but it makes the point.

XANGO has an incredible product with mass appeal. The track record of our management team as well as how functional beverages in network marketing have performed over the years indicate that XANGO could reach $500 million to $1 billion a year in worldwide sales. And...our timing is impeccable since we are positioning ourselves at the beginning!

The stature of the company, the mass appeal and value of our product and the growth projections are the CONTEXT that make the XANGO compensation plan work!

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.: WEEKLY. Earn up to 30% of your personally sponsored person's first order when you are on auto delivery. Earn 15% of your personally sponsored person's personally sponsored people's first order when you are on the 200 auto delivery program. GET PAID WEEKLY.

.: MONTHLY. Earn 5%, 10%, and 2% on various levels up to nine levels deep on your MONTHLY UNILEVEL CHECK. As we saw above, these percentages are sometimes doubled or tripled depending on Dynamic Compression in your organization.

.: QUARTERLY. And as you advance, profit share with the entire company worldwide volume. 3% of net profits is placed into a Global Bonus Pool that is shared amongst the top leaders -- based on their volume and level of achievement. GET PAID QUARTERLY.

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1) SIMPLE AND EASY TO EXPLAIN = Increased confidence and quicker duplication.

2) UNILEVEL BUILT RIGHT = Good for both part time and full time distributors • No leg balancing • Go to the top with 3 • Encourages teamwork and synergy • Easy monthly qualifications • Get paid up to nine levels deep.

3) NO REDUCED VOLUMES = A dollar is a dollar • Simple to understand • Translates into 50-100% greater payout when compared to to other pay plans, than the numbers first suggest.

4) DYNAMIC COMPRESSION = Commissions that are unqualified for compress up to the next entitled distributor • Can increase your check by 10%, 20%, or more.

5) XANGO MAINTAINS A CONSTANT 50% PAYOUT = This means distributors don't have to worry about abrupt or major pay plan changes designed to correct profitability problems that many companies typically experience when the payout is not constant.

6) XANGO'S PAY PLAN COMES WITH AN EXTRAORDINARY OPPORTUNITY = Because pay plans and payouts are nothing without the context of the company, the management team, the mass appeal and marketability of the product, and the timing and growth possibilities, XANGO provides the most exciting possibility for network marketing success for the foreseeable future. A consumable product translates into truly residual income.

7) GET PAID IN THREE DISTINCT WAYS = Get weekly upfront money on first orders, a monthly unilevel paycheck and, when you advance to the title of Premier, a quarterly profit sharing check.

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