Mangosteen Mangosteen Queen of Fruits
"Queen of Fruits"

The mangosteen fruit has, since 1700, already been known as a salutary fruit. Explore on our website all about this tropical fruit!


XANGO® Juice XANGO for the inside!
Health from within

XANGO is the only one who created a food supplement from the whole mangosteen and in that way retained all the healthy properties. Want to know more?


Xanthonen Xantones Super Antioxidants

Super antioxidants!

The mangosteen contains more than 40 Xanthones. These are super bioactive compounds which can protect your body and support your health!


Welcome to our website about the XANGO Juice

Are you looking for a product that supports your health? You are not the only one! These days many people are taking care of their health, and in addition to healthy eating and more exercises, they are looking for additional solutions. We are growing more aware of our health, because we hear more and more about the connections to different health issues. In particular, by many advertisements on healthy food, vitamins and nutritional supplements. Similarly, by the spots of the Government and the many "fit and healthy" programs on television. But also by news items in journal broadcasts.Consider the pollution caused by our cars, and the effect it has on our environment, our food and our health! That is why more and more people are aware of their health, and in addition to healthy eating, are looking for something extra!

We offer you something extra!

We offer you a pure and natural product that is safe for young and old. Easy to consume and it tastes so good that even children will drink it without a problem. XANGO Juice made from a tropical fruit: the mangosteen. XANGO Juice is not a vitamin or mineral preparation and no food supplement. What is more, if you are already taking extra vitamins and or minerals, you can continue to do so! First impression of the XANGO-Juice You can easily drink XANGO Juice in addition to any other food supplement! XANGO Juice is made from the whole mangosteen fruit and works differently than other health preparations.
Find out everything about the XANGO Juice here.

Why do you need XANGO Juice

The mangosteen has been used in South-East Asia for centuries, because of the healthy food substances that this fruit contains by nature. What has been known for centuries in the Far East is only recently known in the Western world. XANGO Juice has many health benefits for everyone's health! XANGO Juice contain more than 40 antioxidants which can protect the body cells and this way support your health!

How much XANGO Juice do you need?

Normaly 30 a 60 ml per day is sufficient! If you want to, for any reason, drink more than that? No broblem it is a pure natural product; so their is no danger at all. First impression of the mangosteen fruit! We talk more about the XANGO Juice on the page “XANGO”, but here's a tip.

Drink your XANGO Juice with every meal! It will, obviously become a routine, such as drinking water or wine with your meal. But the advantage is that the nutrients from the mangosteeen will be much better absorbed!

How can we help you?

In addition to the more detailed information found on our website, we, of course, are prepared to help you in different ways. You can find active links in different places to our contact form. Do you have a specific question or need additional information? Use this contact form to reach us.
All of our answers are free and completely non-committal, without any obligation to purchase. But you will receive information tailored to your needs! Of course, you may also call us! On each page you will find our phone number!

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Mangosteen the power fruit!

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